Why Choose Us?

With our convenient location in Gilmer, we are your local family friendly dental office, able to manage everything from your kids’ checkups to your oral surgery to gum therapies to natural-looking implants! What’s more, all our treatments are provided by our passionate dentist, Dr. Brent Palmer, D.M.D.

We love what we do and it shows! Our office has a professional yet laid-back atmosphere, sure to put even the most anxious of patients immediately at ease. So many patients say that they have fun at the dentist because Dr. Palmer puts them at ease and often has them laughing.

Family is important

We are a family-friendly dental practice that offers a wide variety of services to handle all your dental needs. Our highly-trained and gentle staff goes above and beyond to treat you like family because we want to care for you and your family so they always have healthy, happy smiles!

One of our favorite things to hear is a new patient when they say, “Wow! I’m not afraid of the dentist anymore!” And we hear it all the time! We love to see someone who has been afraid to smile, look into the mirror for the first time and suddenly they can’t stop smiling because they finally love what they see.

Helping you feel like a part of our family and helping you smile again, that is what we do and that is something to smile about.